DIY Home Decor on a Budget Series: Old Window Jewelry & Photo Frame

Triple Purpose Old Window RePurpose! 

First, I have a good number of OLD family photos that are scattered on a shelf needing to go somewhere and burying them in a book just seems so final. Next, in my closet on a shelf is a knotted pile of necklaces that I don't wear because they are now in ball form so I need a space to hang them. Finally, my bedroom walls are quite bare and above my antique sewing table there is a large area just crying for some adornment. Here's what I did:

What is needed:
Staple Gun
Glue Gun
Old lace tablecloth from thrift store (Or any material you have already)
Broken beaded bracelet
Picture hanging brass nails, screws, wire
4 long screws

Cut the lace to size of the back of the window, leaving enough material to staple to the wood. Then lay out the pictures on the lace along with some bead accents from the broken bracelet.  Hot glue the beads and tape the pictures to the lace.  Once all is secure, put the window on a solid surface, lay the lace collage face down on the window and staple it securely to the window frame. 
The picture display part is complete. Now on to the jewelry holder part. Flip the window back over, drill 4 screws, 2 on each side, with enough space in between the top and bottom for long necklaces. Hot glue  beads on the screw faces and bam. The hangers for the necklaces are done!

I cut 2 pieces of lace about 1 inch thick and nailed them to the window on the bottom pane to hang earrings that I don't wear much also. 
Screw in a couple circle picture wire screws on the top, tie picture wire to them, wrap the wire with raffia,  and it is finished! Since this was going in my bedroom and I've got a shabby Victorian roses theme I attached a couple silk roses from my wedding cake topper to the corners to bring it all together!
What I love about using the lace is that the color of my walls comes through and adds depth to the window making it feel like it is a built in part of the room. Best part? I spent $0 on this project. Everything I used I already had! I Love FREE!

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