What I miss from the corporate world

Though I love not wondering if I'm gonna get canned, which colleague is stabbing me in my back, or office politics and butt kissing, there are a few things I do miss from my days in corporate America.

1. I miss the gossip-yes, I just contradicted myself. Deal.
2. I miss the colleagues that turn into friends
3. I miss the "code" we create as a warning the boss is heading our way
4. I miss working long hours and driving home after 7pm (I'm sick that way, I know)
5. I miss carrying a briefcase and laptop while pulling a suitcase through the O'Hare airport.
6. I miss faking interest in clients just so I can get the sale. (I considered it role playing, sue me)
7. I miss going out for drinks on the company's dime. OK more like 100 dollar bill. I like fine tequila, lo siento.
8. I miss the money!
9. I miss the free never ending pots of coffee.
10. I miss leaving the house 5 days a week!

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