Lesson in Parenting: Poop is...

B has 3 of the most obnoxious dolls created! She loves these dolls which helps me control my desire to tie them to poles and burn them at the stake during a family BBQ.

The other morning she brought one of these said dolls to the table, the one she named "Brown Baby Alive", the one that poops.

B: "Mom, I want to feed Brown Baby Alive"
Me: "OK, I'll get her food ready."
B: talking to her doll, "Let me check your diaper first baby. Yuck, you have poop in there."
Off comes the pretty pricey disposable doll diaper.
B: "Mom, Brown Baby Alive has poop in her diaper I am going to throw it away now."
Me: "Is that poop from yesterday or today?" Hoping she'd get it that she can reuse the diaper if it is dry and not too soiled.
B: With a 'hey dumb ass' look on her face- "Mom, what does it matter? Poop is poop."
Then she turned and threw the diaper away.

Lesson learned: All poop is created equal.

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