Planning our Little Angels DVD Release Party!

Excitement is in the air at The Mom Standard's house! We are planning our DVD viewing party sponsored by Fox Home Entertainment of Little Angels--for preschoolers!

What is in store for our party? Well of course Shortycake Creations is providing the sweets--cookies, cake, and whatever else comes to mind. B and I will be making mini jelly, ham, and tomato & cheese sandwiches. Of course lots of preschooler snacks that I will pick up from Walmart with my gift card I receive for throwing this party.  B will pick out the goodies which I'm sure will include Goldfish, Lemonade, Grapes, and Candy.

While B finalizes the munchies I'll be getting the craft station ready.  Valentines stick bouquets each kid can assemble and take home along with Little Angels Activity Sheets. Thank heavens some smart person created the Cricut cutting machine!

Since each child will be receiving their own pair of wings and a halo I will incorporate a bit of Angel dancing which should  make for some great photo ops.

Time to get working on things!

Stay tuned for the party recap (i.e. "Ha ha, but you wished you would have let your kiddo come after all. Bad Mommy! xoxo)

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