I'm selling cookies & they're better than Girl Scouts

I'm running a promotion for my boutique bakery business, Shortycake Creations. I have set a hefty goal to get 50 orders for my awesome Shamrock Cookies. When I hit this goal, one of the lucky 50 who ordered will win a FREE dozen Easter Cookies! No 50, no Lucky.

Here's how to order: email me your order, ship to address, & email address for the PayPal invoice.  All orders will be shipped by March 10th and must be paid in full before shipping.

So, help a girl stay out of the government cheese line and order some delish cookies, you won't regret it! You can check out Shortycake Creations on Facebook too!

Shamrock Cookie Favors  
3 sizes (must order quantity listed per size):
Small: 24 for $30
Regular (pictured): 12 for $30
Extra Large: 6 for $30

Shipping: $10/1st item, $3.50 each additional (to same ship to address)


  1. your cookies are beautiful and the inspiration for my cookies!

  2. Thank you, whoever you are! Glad I can inspire!


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