CEO: Figgy the Italian Fairy by Kimberly Demetrio

Figgy the Italian Fairy

The Fairy Figgy loves all the trees
but her favorite of all has big sweet fig leaves.
She sings and dances and glows with much love.
She even talks to the figs in their own native tongue.

Figgy speaks Italian,
a language so sweet.
Another fairy who speaks it
she has yet to meet.

The Fairy Queen one day had a sorrowful job.
One lonely fig tree, she had heard it sob.
"This cannot be, all trees must be sprite
I'm sending Figgy to tend, immediately tonight."

Figgy was sent to an area unknown.
She didn't know the fairies,
she didn't know the gnomes.

Figgy was scared when she arrived late that night,
she ran to her tree and sang "It'll be alright".
She looked at the house and in the window she saw
a fairy like human a couple feet tall.
Figgy grew happy, she knew she'd be fine
she had her own fig tree and a little human divine.

One day her humans were out in the sun
her little human divine was having much fun.
The language they spoke made the fig stand with pride,
Figgy's ears perked to listen and her heart happily cried,
"I found more like me, this was the Queen's plan
She sent me to live where they speak Italian."
-Kimberly Demetrio

Figgy the Italian Fairy copyright 2012

B is in Italian school. She understands the language quite well, yet, doesn't use it much on her own. To encourage her to speak more of the language I made this wool fairy to hang in our window, looking out at our fig tree. I wrote the story to go along as a reference. B loved the story and the fairy. She still doesn't like to speak Italian much, but I have caught her using her new language skills whispering to Figgy in the window. My plan is working!


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    1. Thanks Carm! I've learned B likes stories to learn with, not necessarily out of books but made up ones so what B wants, B gets! :-) She likes to make her own up too...One day I'll publish "Bianca Raisin Face Bug". :-)


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