Little Angels DVD Release Party a Blessed Success!

We had a Little Angels DVD Pre-release Party!

Our home was filled with 7 little angels aged 6 under and it could not have been more fun! The key to success for our party was enough munchies and activities so there was non-stop action until the kids hopefully fell asleep on their car rides home!

Fox Home Entertainment/Think Jam Publicity sent a great party package of wings, halos, activity sheets, wall decals, photo frame crafts, and a Walmart gift card to kick the party up a notch. The day we went to Walmart for supplies I got all excited about seeing a promotional ad piece when we walked in for The Little Angels DVD Release February 14th. I went straight to the manager to ask if by chance they had an extra one that I could borrow for the party. Sadly they didn't. I still took advantage of a perfect photo backdrop and took a picture of my fashion forward tiara wearing daughter, then commenced shopping.

The morning of the party the house was quickly heaven'ed up to go with the theme.  All the halos and wings were hung as part of the decor until it was time to adorn them.  I printed from the website each of the Angels description sheets and created place-mats and juice box labels with them.

Once all the kids arrived the first big thing was EAT! All the kids lined up by the buffet and were allowed to help themselves to the treats.  While sitting at the table munching I pulled the angel sheets. All kids had to see which angel they had on their juice box and if the one I was reading was theirs they got to take the printout home with them. It was a fun little activity that strangely each kid had unknowingly chosen an angel that was much like him/herself. Funny how that stuff happens.

After Round 1 of munching was complete, Angel Music Time! All willing kids donned angel wings and halos; I pulled out instruments and a keyboard and a very loud Angel music parade was underway. That was my favorite part of the day! I can say it wasn't for the parents that chose to hang around for the party though. It sounded heavenly to me and I'm sure to the real angels that were watching us that day.

To wind down from the fun heavenly music time, crafts ensued! All the kids sat around the craft tables and made Valentine's bouquets or Angel picture frames.  Once that was finished, Round 2 of munchies and videos! The Little Angels DVDs are a hit!

My daughter has been watching them when its her TV time in the evening everyday since receiving them! Ariel is her favorite Angel she tells me, oh about 100 times a day.  What I like about the series is that it is out-front Christian focused but not in an offensive or pushy way. These are not "bible thumper" videos setting out to "save" our children.  The series focuses on doing good and the usual manners and societal requirements preschoolers need to start to learn, either via parochial or secular in nature.  Also, listening to the videos in the other room hours on end does not grate on my nerves...WIN!

Quick Synopsis of the series in case you are wondering: “Little Angels” is an animated DVD series exclusively created for pre-schoolers to teach not only practical learning skills, like the alphabet and numbers, but also to introduce them to the spiritual, moral and ethical principles of the Bible.Alex and Zoe, two pre-school twins, are blessed to have eight Little Angels watching over them -- literally! These Little Angels “live” on the ceiling of Alex and Zoe’s bedroom, painted there so they are the first things the kids see when they wake in the morning and the last thing they see before they fall asleep at night. The Angels come to life when the children need them most.

Along with the DVD series, the website has activity sheets that can be printed and introductions to the stars of the shows, the angels. We also purchased the iPhone ap that has games, prayers, music & videos. You can fan The Little Angels on Facebook too!

The DVDs came out for purchase today, what a great Valentine gift for your kids! Go out and get them some, you'll be happy you did. You can get them at Walmart, and most are open 24 hours so you have time!

*I received review copies of the dvds, gift card, and promotional materials to host a dvd party sponsored by Fox Home Entertainment/Think Jam Publicity.  All opinions are mine and I was not asked to skew them in a beneficial fashion, nope, good or bad all things stated are my own.*

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