Note to self: I am not Henry Ford (Yes, the bacon is crispy)

When Henry Ford's engineers came to him time and time again stating they could not achieve his requested goal, Mr. Ford told them to keep trying. They obliged their boss's command (with under the breath nasty words towards him I'm sure) and went grudgingly back to work until low and behold they achieved the goal and all was happy in Ford land.

Today I sit across the table from an almost 4 year old in a stalemate and my blood pressure soaring.
B: "The bacon is too crispy"
Me: "No it's not, see?" as I perform some origami on a slice.
B: "I didn't want 3 pieces of bacon"
Me: "Then don't eat all three. Eat 1 if that is all you want. See how this works?"
B: "Fine, then I just won't eat." As she displays a pissy look and stares out the window.

That's where I am with her. She certainly does not revere the power I yield as Mom-E-O! If this were a company I'd smile at her, say OK, then gleefully walk into HR and fire her insubordinate butt. Even when the HR person states how cute she is, how much fun she provides, how much she has enlightened this place. Oh well I'd say, then I'd be back to 120/70.

Instead, I sit at my computer typing my angst, listening to her say "I don't want this fork on the plate" as she chews a piece of the crispy bacon.

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