Healthy Lifestyle for Our Unhealthy Family


Mamma Mia! My hubs' place of employment is offering MONEY to all employees and spouses to take blood tests, see a hospital doctor to review the findings, and commit to healthier lifestyles.

Well, he received his test results yesterday (I have yet to get the test done) and though he is 5 years my junior, his body is screaming OLD MAN! Poor thing, the most important numbers are the ones that have been red flagged and urgent attention needed.

 I'm scared! The last blood test I had was when I was pregnant 4 years ago. That is correct, I do not see doctors. What I don't know won't kill me, right?

I've blogged a number of times that we are getting fit, taking charge of our life, and getting healthy. Well, numbers don't lie and we've failed miserably.  Funny thing is, as our bodily healthy lifestyle has declined, so have other things. Time to get serious about this! 

Tomorrow I have a Guest Post from the cutest and darn-serious-about-health writer Kristin Wells. Check back to read what she has to offer!

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