Overwhelmed? Ground Yourself.

Overwhelmed and ready to explode by all the "stuff" you are responsible for?  How does an Executive Homemaker reduce daily anxiety and still function?

Stop and smell the roses

There are days I want to crawl in a hole and just weep from the pressure of being overwhelmed. The days I don't weep I'm maniacally screaming my head off. Both are not good coping skills. Yesterday I was taught a Grounding Technique that needs to be incorporated into everyone's daily lives. It works!

Grounding techniques are intended to bring you to the present. They calm your mind by drawing it to your physical sensations and surroundings, essentially shutting off the have to's, should haves, when am I's that build up in your mind. Anxiety builds up from past feelings/experiences/tasks and worry for the future. I find my anxiety level peaks when I fall behind on the household maintenance for the week,  my time is crunched due to work orders, and throw in a beautiful day I should be spending solely focused on my daughter making memories. Time Bomb Ignited.

Time to Ground. No tools are needed nor a large time commitment. At the peak of your daily anxiety, first, LOOK UP! Strange as it may sound, when we are focused on tasks and feel overwhelmed we have ours eyes pointed down. Look up so your mind knows that you are taking a little break to regroup.

Next, take a few slow DEEP breaths. Then FEEL your "connection to the earth" aka, grounding. Start at your feet and focus on how they feel in your shoe and how it feels on the ground. Work your way up noticing how all your body parts feel touching whatever surface they are. Feel the weight on your shoulders lift. Listen to your surroundings, hear the birds outside, the traffic humming, the air conditioner/laundry machine/TV in the background, etc. Choose your rose (an object in front of you)  and hone in on it's details. What does it look like? What color? Does it smell? Does it make noise? Look at it's structure. Appreciate it for what it is, at this very moment. Do this for a few minutes, until you  feel calm and in control of this very moment.

Yes, your tasks still need to be done, but now your mind has stepped up by shutting up and you can calmly prioritize your next move.

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