DIY Deluxe Kid Wash Sprinkler for $40

The Deluxe Kid Wash

Thank you Pinterest for pointing me to the coolest sprinkler ever: The Deluxe Kid Wash!  My daughter's birthday party is this Saturday, it's predicted to be in the 90's, and we do not have a pool. Next best thing to keep the kiddies cool? A sprinkler.

How To

The Disney Family Fun website has the directions and suggests this can be built for around $40. Guess what? That is correct! We came in just shy of $40.

Where to Purchase the Supplies

All the PVC was purchased from our local home improvement big box store. We purchased the add-on's from a dollar store. It took about 2 hours max to construct and 10 minutes to take down and store in a nylon bag (also from the dollar store).

For the party we are adding a Slip-N-Slide under the sprinkler to avoid creating a mud bath of our lawn. A cheap tarp will work just as well.

Repurpose when done using

When the kiddies get too old for a Kid Wash, repurpose all that PVC. I'm thinking the tubes with the drilled holes will be perfect to put in the garden as part of an irrigation system.

We call our Daughter "B" so this little Bee is a perfect touch!

Instead of boring sponges we went with bath loofahs. The Stop/Go Signs are aluminum platters , 2 for $1! 

The directions call for Lawn Chair Vinyl Strips. We paid $1 for a vinyl shower curtain, hung it on curtain rings and cut it into strips. It may not last past the party but it was quick, cheap, and serves it's purpose.

The Birthday Girl testing it out

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