Sunday TV, What To Watch: The Glades on A&E

The Glades: Refreshing Crime Drama Television.

I LOVE crime dramas. NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI, The Mentalist: all are watched religiously.  Last year I was introduced to The Glades on A&E. It does not fit the usual cookie-cutter "investigative crime consultant/former military JAG/real life mob boss on set" shows. It is in a class all its own! A good description is drama-lite refreshing, like a fresh squeezed glass of OJ with a splash of vodka and a nice fruit wedge-it won't leave you drunk, but you will feel good!

I was fortunate enough to preview the Season 3 Premiere "Close Encounters" last week, then I watched it again when it aired on A&E. Yep, it's about aliens. OK, not the aliens per se but the murder cover up of an uber rich older dude who willed his fortune to a weaselly anemic looking bar owner/alien abduction group leader instead of his SMOKING HOT wife who only wears bikinis the entire episode. Yes, she is younger and had an affair with her HOT, dumb personal trainer but that makes for good whodunits. The team questions their beliefs about alien existence or non-existence while piecing together and solving the case. The snarky-wit dialogue throughout the show adds to the entertainment and provides many "I'd say that!" moments.

Oh, and the sub-plot continuation of Jim & Callie's love relationship is just as important to the series yet not overpowering or dysfunctional. (Watch the full episode here) 

The Glades offers a crime drama fix with humor, drama, eye candy, love, and a fast pace that leaves you ready for more.

Put it on your Sunday-Television-Guilty-Pleasure viewing list! New Episodes Sunday Evenings 9/8c on A&E.

Did I mention the eye candy? Proof? 
This is the lead, Matt Passmore "Jim Longworth"
He's a hot Aussie with Swagger!

*Psst, I did receive a preview copy of the premier episode to review. I also have the second episode that I'll watch today and for sure post about it. No one gave me money or a dead fish head to guarantee a positive review. It's all my opinion, in my words, thankfully this show does not suck. I call it like I see it. Hai Capito?*

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