How to Re-purpose Flavored Love Lotion

Yep, flavored love lotion and the way my mind works

It has been one of those days. My daughter and I have been butting heads ALL FREAKING DAY, it is hot as Hades, the humidity is doing wonders with my arthritis, I have been questioning my life purpose, and have lost my passion for whatever my passion is.

About Passion...Fruit

This afternoon as I Cinderella-ishly  cleaned the kitchen (wondering if this is what my life is going to be forever) my darn cute dogs were under foot. They licked up every food morsel that made it's way to the floor as I sluggishly wiped the surfaces while dreaming of being saved by a fairy godmother.

As I sprayed my all purpose cleaner on the front of the stove with one dog mere inches from it, the oddest, yet most genius idea hit me. I blurted "how perfect!" as I stood to bask in my most enchanting concept to date.

Here's the idea: I bet if I spray every surface of my kitchen with edible sex lube and let the dogs have at it, my kitchen will be licked spotless! The dogs will have a delicious treat while working out and I will have automated my cleaning. Fab, right?

I told you it was that type of day  

Maybe I will go get a book or a stiff drink to get me out of this funk...or maybe my kitchen will smell like "Passionate Passion Fruit" in the morning.

Tell me, isn't this a great idea?

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