Let's cut through the perfect parenting crap

My daughter is out of control. This "phase" is not good and I see it coming to either she or me surviving it. Commence seeking help on Mom Boards. Gag!

That's right, gag me with a freaking hot iron.
"meet eye to eye and explain to her that her behavior is not acceptable""
ignore her""take away her toys""put her in time out for 4 minutes then ask if she understands why she was there". 
Really? That's all you got for me? Well guess what? These parenting approaches may work in your world but in mine...not one f'n bit! 

This is why I see a happy helper. To help me be a parent that I did not have as a good example. When B tells me no my life flashes and I recall a hand slapping my face, then my ass, then dragging me down the hall to my room (it was extra special when I was dragged against the stucco wall, left some great "impressions"), then throwing me on my bed and finally a finger in my face rebuking the devil out of me, sometimes shoving me on the bed and then walking away or on better days grabbing the leather belt and finishing the ass whooping all while she screamed for me to "stop contradicting me". Yep, that's the example I had. So, how does someone with only that as an example handle a typical smart ass'd 4 year old without doing the only thing she knows a parent does?

Well, the only solution I have right now is keeping her in her room until her father comes home and me going to mine to cry until there are no more tears to cry and the guilt sets in that treated my daughter like crap, the daughter I would die for, the daughter that is my life, the daughter who is just being a kid.

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