Eradicate Childhood Obesity by Mark Victor Hansen

Why we need to eradicate obesity

Obesity has become a common problem in America today. The reason for this is that parents and kids are unaware about nutritional eating, kids get too much sugar and they are too addicted to fast food. The common misconception is that fast food joints are cheaper and quicker. But in trying to save a few minutes, you are filling your bodies, and those of your kids, with transfats which metabolize into human fat and cold drinks which only make you thirstier and slowly remove the calcium from your bodies. One third of the child population in America is pre-diabetic and adults and kids alike complain of fatigue and exhaustion very often. This is the result of bad and unhealthy eating. There are many movies which could teach people about the benefits of healthy eating and detriments of unhealthy food. Two popular ones which come to mind are Supersize Me and Food Inc.
My household is one that strictly eats organic foods. My wife, Crystal, grew up eating home grown food on her farm in Idaho. She actually couldn’t believe that that’s not the way everybody eats. She’s the nutrition guru of my home and she gets us and the grandkids together to cook some of our meals. Not only do we get some great family memories and recordings, we get to eat healthy food and our grandkids learn the value of nutritional eating too.

I am often complimented on how young I look. I feel young too. After all, I give my body healthy food which helps it stay young and healthy. If you stuff your body with unhealthy food, it will become tired and leave you unable to do all that you want to. That is the reason for the fatigue rampant in people today. And it’s not that fast food is cheaper. You can get a full healthy meal for four people at a swap meet in under a dollar!

The point is that what you eat and feed your kids today will determine how much energy and capability they have tomorrow. Your kids have dreams that require hard work. Imbibe nutritional eating in their lifestyles so that they grow up healthy and are able to carry out the tasks they will need to in order to achieve their dreams.

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Mark Victor Hansen is an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer, and author. He is best known a the founder and co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series.

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