From SAHM to Working Mom with all the pain

Started a new job with little gilt of retiring my SAHM status...until now.

The first week of October the decision was official that I was going back to work full time. The third week of October I started my new career. It happened quicker than anticipated but  everything happens for a reason, right?

Many stated it was going to be hard leaving B everyday with my father in law. NOPE. I thought I was going to be upset, cry, want to go home but within the first 15 minutes of being at my new office I fell back into career mode and 9 hours flew by without a hint of sadness. Guilt, yes. I felt guilty that I didn't feel bad.

Mind you, since the first week I started sickness has been running rampant in our home. (There is a major reason for this, which I will post about soon)

Yesterday I stayed home sick, both me and B have a killer of a cold. Yesterday the separation pain hit me. B woke and immediately fell into our old routine. She even requested to do lessons all day! AND SHE DID THEM! Throughout the day she stated she was glad I was on vacation (aka death's sick door). It hurt deep down in my soul. My mommy role is so much stronger than worker role.

This morning I am up and ready for work. B has a few more minutes of sleep before I wake her and start our day. The Phillip Phillips' song is faintly on repeat in my head...

Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm going to make this place your home

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