Lessons in Parenting: Ignoring may be the only option

When your toddler is crawling around on all fours on the disgusting, germ covered, dirt infested Fast Food Joint's playground floor barking like a dog...look at her like you haven't a clue who's kid she is and then refill your soda.


  1. lol:) That is too funny!! I'm going to be in those shoes in no time..my little one is four months. The crawling days are right around the corner:).

  2. 4 month crawling with a bark here and there is cute. 2year old crawling with loud arfs not so cute. I pray your little one doesn't go through this stage! I just thank heavens she wasn't pretending to be a cat and licking people!:-)

  3. LOL when my daughter was 2, she would run around on her hands and feet like she was a dog...and every once in awhile she still does it and she's now 4, lol too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, returning the follow :)

  4. I don't know, Kim. The first time Uncle B met my family, it was on a layover at the STL airport. My 3 three old niece never said a word, but barked & crawled around the entire 1 hour visit in a very public place. She's a fairly normal teenager now. Haven't noticed her crawling or barking lately. =)


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