Undusting the furniture

Today I have read the book Amelia Bedelia 3 times to my daughter.

What a great book.  The clerk at my favorite used book store got a little giddy when I brought the book up to purchase. She spoke directly to my daughter, "Amelia Bedelia, that's my favorite book.  You will love her."  The book is a bit "advanced" for a 22 month old and I thought to myself as we were leaving, "if the pages taste like her other books, then yeah she's gonna love her."

After reading the book, everyday since we got it, (back note: None of the other 50 or so books my daughter owns has she wanted read to her this much!)  I am now wondering if the clerk put an Amelia Bedelia spell on her.

All mystic, twilight zone conspiracy theory aside, I fell in love with Amelia Bedelia too. She makes so much sense and really teaches a life lesson: Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Why is the process of removing dust from furniture termed dusting? And why shouldn't a dressed chicken wear shorts?

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