Frugal Confession

Yes, we are getting more Frugal everyday. I'm enjoying everything about trying to cut costs. The elephant in the room though is starting to make some noise.

I must confess that I'd cut back on groceries, cable, phone, gas, clothing, whatever, in order to continue the following:

  • I cannot give up getting my hair cut & colored monthly. Nope, can't do it. This expense, which for many people would be seem quite lofty, $600+ a year has to be budgeted in to our Frugal Lifestyle. Even if no one sees me, I still must be well coifed.
  • Once a month Date Night. Me and the Hubs need some time to date each other. We plan on being wise with our date night choices but we still have to do it! So, this too must be budgeted into our Frugal plan.
  • Our annual weekend away in December. Each year we stay at a hotel in Chicago and go to the Christkindlmarket and some fine dining locale. This is also my Godson's Christmas gift from annual experience. Fortunately for us, the Hilton offers Christmas in July specials so we book the hotel for dirt cheap in July and enjoy it in December.
There. The elephant has left the building and I feel repentant and ready to charge in a battle cry to attack,  not charge as in charge card.

What things can't you give up for the sake of Frugality?


  1. Thanks for coming by and following. I love that you're budgeting - me too! The hair is a must! The rest is too but the hair - yes, we gotta work that in there!
    I'm a follower!

  2. You really gave me something to think about today. I think your "frugal theme" is what drew me to your website the most. One thing that would be hard for me now to give up would be the internet because I love my blog-community - however, just to clarify, I did go internet/cell phone/cable free for a year and managed just fine. We are on a tight budget too, but we still rent 2-3 movies a week (no cable), eat gourmet chocolate and enjoy red wine on occasion and spend $70 on fishing licenses in the summer. Those things I can't seem to shave from the budget.

  3. @Laura-thanks for stopping by! I get my hair cut more often than my husband!
    @Leah-Being Frugal is fun! As long as we prioritize the important things! I would love to go without cable! We are way too plugged in over here.
    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  4. Great list.

    I've given up my facials and we have not travelled oversea for three years now.

    Have a nice day!!!


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