DIY Home Decor Series: Antique Fireplace Mantel Chalkboard

Historic Fireplace Mantel Mirror Frame Turned Dining Room Chalkboard

A few years back our farmhouse neighbor gave us a frame destined for the trash. It lived in our nasty garage until last month.

Late one evening I asked my husband to get the frame from the garage to see what we can do with it. Of course this was after a long evening of me on Pinterest! I perused the web and discovered this frame is actually a late 1800’s Fireplace Mantel Mirror Frame. SCORE!

It is not in great (aka refinished, like new) condition which is of course what I love most about it---its history has not been wiped away. We mounted it on the wall to replace shelves in the dining room. We had all intentions of getting a mirror to fit in it. Mirrors, especially large ones are expensive!

Considering we are momentarily broke we had to be creative. Turning into a chalkboard frame it was! Ten dollars for chalkboard paint and presto-we have a gorgeous antique chalkboard. I love it. I look at it and imagine the faces that were reflected in its mirror that have long gone. The happiness, the sadness, the black cloaking during mourning, the twinkle of candle lit Christmas trees. The things this frame has seen.

I actually use it as a chalkboard!

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  1. like that. It would be great to have something like that on the wall to leave messages for my kids.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,


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