Bridesmaids Movie DVD Party Wrap Up! (aka Wilson Phillips Rocks!)

“You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness” if you chose not to come to the party! I hosted a Bridesmaids DVD movie release party on Friday and it was awesome, if I do say so myself. What a great way to have girlfriends get together and just laugh, laugh, laugh.

Shortycake Creations put the party together with sweets, decorations, and setting the house up. My three-seasons front porch was transformed into a French themed bridal boutique, complete with French framed artwork hung on the wall, flowing fabric at every corner and wedding & bridesmaids dresses showcased throughout.

The sweets table looked beautiful with a mirrored centerpiece highlighted by a Gold Canyon hazelnut scented candle flanked by tea light torches. Hung around the room were the totally hip, newest rage tissue pompoms and both the table & bar cart were dressed in matching covers. My wonderful husband graciously volunteered to be the bartender/barista for the evening and did not disappoint. Shots of you name it were flowing all evening and he made some killer flavored coffee lattes (I made the coffee syrups myself; I’ll post a How-to later). For appetizers one of my buffet cabinets was covered with a wide array of Tastefully Simple delicious creations.

The pièce de résistance of Shortycake Creations Party Creation was of course the photo-op setup in the living room: Balloons, black back drop, an official Bridesmaids Logo T-shirt used as signage, and OF COURSE, no Bridesmaids Movie photo booth would be complete without a toilet as the main prop! YES! I had a real toilet in my living room!

From the first guest to arrive laughter filled the evening. We did a pre-movie group photo shoot, passed out a few door prizes, ate yummy treats and drank plenty of libations, then MOVIE TIME!

We voted to watch the unrated version, passed out individual bags of popcorn and pushed the laugh button. From the first scene to the credits there was not a moment of silence and I’m pretty sure a few gals pee’d their pants but were too proud to announce it!

When the movie ended a trivia game about it was played for the main giveaway (this was after we all dabbed the tears from our eyes and touched up our smeared makeup)--A gift basket retail valued at over $80 of Watkins, Gold Canyon Candles, & Tastefully Simple products, and the Bridesmaids T-shirt. Oh, but the party did not end there. Off to the boutique to put on the dresses for our after movie photo shoot! What a hoot and toot that was.

After filling treat bags with extra sweets on their way out and back to their not as hysterical daily routines all guests received Swag Bags complete with Biscotti from Shortycake Creations, Tealights from Gold Canyon Candles, Dip packages from Tastefully Simple, and Body Lotion & Seasonings from Watkins.

I woke the next day sad the party was over and very happy that my bridesmaids’ dresses were finally worn more than once!

Thank you to Universal Pictures, ThinkJam, and Walmart for providing The Mom Standard the opportunity to introduce this hilarious movie to my friends and force us to “break from your chains” of our daily grind and have fun!

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  1. The "Bridesmaid" DVD release party could not have been more fun! The decorations, the yummie treats, the cute bartender, and all the party favors and prizes for the games played - they really set the mood for a super fun time and added to the experience of this already hilarious movie! Thank you for hosting a really fun "girls night in." It was definitely the best themed party I've ever been too! I cannot wait until the next one - Michelle

  2. The party was AWESOME!! From the minute we walked in --- the atmosphere had every detail attended to --- beautiful decorations, great food, fantastic drinks, and great friends having a wonderful time. So glad I got to be a part of it --- definitely looking forward to the next one. Ruth

  3. The "Bridesmaids" party was a blast!!!!! Before I walked into the party I never would have imagined how much fun I was going to have. Everything was perfect! The decor, the food and drinks, the movie, the prizes, and the pictures made made for a great time. The movie was hilarious! You threw an AMAZING party, Kim!!!! Let me know when you are having another one. I will definitely be attending and bringing along a few more friends. ~Kristy


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