Speech Mom is the New Soccer Mom

When I was a member of The Others, it was quite astonishing to witness the evolution of what soccer league children were in to how much insurance covers for speech therapy. At gatherings the exciting topic was exchanging therapist information and, though no one came out and said this my keen intuition has me believing if a parent was forking over more out of pocket mullah for their kid's speech therapy it put them on a higher rung in the speech social circle.
The above paragraph I drafted back in 2009. It's 2011. I've noticed that there is a new evolution from Speech Mom back to Soccer Mom. I guess both cost just as much but getting up for a 7am soccer/football/gymnastics/cheerleading/dance/basketball/baseball/karate/etc. game on Saturday shows more commitment. Or all the kids are now too old for early intervention. Either way, I pray B wants to be a vampire.

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