Executive Homemaker Series: Simplify & Automate

Simplify and Automate your life...easier said than done, BUT it can be done!

There are two places in my home that are my hot spots for collecting all things paper! My "Homemaker" Desk and my "Money Generating Business" Desk. It doesn't help that I shredded our shredder to death a while back and have yet to replace it, but I will confess, even with the shredder right next to my desk, I still created "shred" piles that accumulated to a few inches high.

Since we began our Frugal journey we started signing up for online bill paying. Yes, I was one of the last hold-outs using stamps and things called paper checks to pay bills that were snail mailed to me. WOW! What a difference things have been since I stopped paper bills from being mailed to me and automatic payment reminders sent to my email when a bill is due. One more thing I don't have to think about.

Now I've begun to do auto-bill pay. I'm hesitant with this just because we are on such a tight budget...what happens if we are a dollar short the day a bill is automaticaly paid?

Simplifing and automating certainly is not an overnight thing. I will give the process credit for making us really learn what makes our life chaotic and calm.

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